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Chelmsford Film Festival: Session 3 Review

by Ian Crow

Two sessions down, here’s what we thought of the third:

In Retrospect
Director: Rick McCullagh
Starting off session three was the psychological drama, In Retrospect. A story about a young woman struggling to deal with the death of her partner is offered a new drug designed to reconstruct memories and supposed to ease the pain of losing a loved one. From the get go, its story devours you and you can’t get out. Brilliantly acted and very well directed by Rick McCullagh, this film has certainly set a very high bar for the others to compete.

Director: Ben Hyland
The real strength to Padlock is its unpredictability. The central plot revolves around a man’s struggle to find employment but every evening his partner returns home, it’s clear that’s everything is not what it seems. Covering a really important subject matter that maybe isn’t talked about enough, Padlock is extremely brave to go into almost untested waters about domestic abuse. Both female and male leads give a true performance and the story has a tiny twist to the story to keep you thinking long after it’s finished.

Director: Marcus Hawk
The true nature of the story of Felix is hidden until its final moments. We follow a character as he undertakes his daily routine of his commute, coming home drinking wine and reading a book. One day he notices a young girl and decides to follow her back to her apartment. I struggled to understand what the characters intentions are throughout the short. Even though we get a snippet of what may have happened to the character in the past, we still don’t have an understanding as to why he is stalking this woman – its mystery that will almost certainly keep you watching.


Director: James Doherty

Rounding up this session was Irish drama, Breathe. A man struggles to accept the way his son is in the face of social expectation. An incredible performance in the lead role, the short packs a punch in every category. Directing, acting, story and a satisfying yet open ending.

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