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Chelmsford Film Festival: Session 1 Review

by Ian Crow

As the third day kicked off, the audience were finally given a chance to sit down with the showcase. With the first of four sessions lined up, here’s what we thought of the opening films:


Director: Julian Remundi
Getting the festival off the ground was the short mystery, Gone. After coming home after a night out, a young girl finds comes home to find her pop waiting but not all is at it seems. To be honest, I really struggled to follow the main plot of the story. Whether it was me not being able to grasp what the story was about or not, I have to say that it’s not one I’ll remember too much.


Director: Edward Hicks

After his sister is involved in a car accident, a young police officer abandons his post with disastrous consequences. The story escalates towards devastating results that leaves you biting your nails until you don’t have any left. Impact is one of the more thought provoking pieces at the festival this year and builds up tension slowly, but effectively.

Gift of Life

One of the more touching subjects of the festival, Gift of Life follows the true story of a man and the heart transplant that saved his life. Following his life changing surgery, he manages to bump into the parents of the man who gave his heart. A tough documentary to watch at times but done effortlessly!

The Lock-In

Director: Will Norris & Craig Gallivan

Hands down my favourite short of the session, The Lock-In is about a barman running his pub. Sick and tired of all the horrible customers that come in and give him abuse on a daily basis, does he bar them? No. He smashes their heads in! The Lock-In reminds me much of the previous works of Edgar Wright/Ben Wheatley. The director uses the best of their material to make it his own and his ability to introduce and integrate the characters on-screen so quickly makes you fall head over heels with them. A truly hilarious little short!


Director: James Berridge

Homer is a comedy about a young couple and their struggles with a pigeon that appears on their decking. More annoying than cute, the man’s hatred for the bird escalates to extreme levels as he plans to take out the bird while his girlfriend is away on a hen-do.  Really funny at times, Homer is an incredibly easy watch and keeps you entertained. The one thing that it does though is go on a little too long. If it was about a minute shorter, it would be a lot more enjoyable. It doesn’t take away the fact that it had some great moments.


Final thoughts:

The first session turned out to be a really good start to the festivals short sessions. The stand out short for me was The Lock-In. Really enjoyable throughout its running time.

Gone would be the one that didn’t quite hit the mark. I didn’t get to grips what it was trying to be and what the story was trying to tell. I did have some great moments of acting though which really helped it along its way.

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