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Baby Driver Review

By Ian Crow

Without doubt one of the most talked about films at the moment. Baby Driver has been receiving high praise from critics and fellow industry members for Edgar Wright’s new piece of work. A heavily influenced film, Baby Driver picks up some of the best bits from the films of old but manages to put an original and modern spin on them. The main influence as mentioned by Wright is Walter Hill’s The Driver (1978), mainly down to how the main characters persona is. A man of very few words and excelling at getaway car chases, he ultimately becomes an asset to any criminal gang. Baby Driver is revolved around the main character Baby played by Ansel Elgort. Due to an accident when he was younger, he now has permanent tinnitus and uses music to drown out the humming noise whilst on the heists. Hoping to leave the criminal underworld, Baby has to do one more heist against his will to protect his new found love Debora (Lily James).

Packed with a hugely talented cast, Baby Driver is fortunate that every single moment of the film is covered by an entertaining ensemble. The youthfulness and witty charm of Ansel Elgort as Baby is one of my personal favourites. He provides a unique performance that brings to life what could be an incredibly boring character. One that doesn’t show emotion at the best of times, Elgort uses his talents to  through his body language and facial expressions to add an additional layer of depth to the character. With his feature debut only being four years ago, he has quickly shown that he could be a force to be reckoned with and provided us with his best performance so far. Having the calibre of an actor like Kevin Spacey helps the film, too. His best performance on the big screen for a long while, Spacey shows his ability to switch between a comedic and dramatic performance so effortlessly. These two are the stars of the movie but hats off to Lily James and Jamie Foxx who I both thought brought their a-game along, too.

I’ve been a fan of Edgar Wright’s work for an extremely long time. A fan of his TV show Spaced and all of his feature films, he has come a long way since his first steps onto the big screen with Shaun of the Dead. His ambition and aim to please the audience has never left as there wasn’t many moments during Baby Driver where I felt bored. I don’t think it’s his best work so far, I have way too much love for Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim. But it’s great to see him moving forward and continuing what he does best but on an even bigger scale. Superbly shot and edited, the film runs so smoothly and doesn’t allow you to get your breath back. It’s like firing a shotgun continuously with unlimited ammo. The use of the soundtrack is glorious and fits in so well with the film; it’s the heartbeat and the soul of the whole picture.

It’s very hard to even think of anything bad about the movie to be honest. The only thing I would say is that I was hoping for a more satisfying ending of Baby’s character. I won’t go into much detail as to why as I don’t want to include any spoilers within the review. It’s an extremely small thing to pick at but as I grew so accustom to him, I wanted a better outcome. Whatever happens to him is over within seconds and goes back to normality and too much of a happy ending. Baby Driver is a great watch, full of entertainment and fantastic music. It’s one that will keep you thinking about and itching to see for a second viewing, 4 out of 5 stars.

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