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Wonder Woman (2017) Review

The DCEU has come under intense scrutiny since the universe first started. Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad equally shared a fist full of punches from every angle towards the finished products. Lack of story, albeit, maybe a bad telling of potentially a good story in both of the films and over dramatized moments have slightly tarnished the future of the universe. MARTHA, strikes as one moment people will never forget in BvS. Hope seemed lost going forward as directors are pulling out of future DCEU movies and the future of the DCEU is clinging on by a thread. Surrounded by heroes like Batman and Superman, the franchise needs a superhero that will take a positive step forward and that ladies and gentlemen is Wonder Woman.

This is Wonder Woman’s first solo movie since her introduction to DC comics back in 1941. To be honest that seems like a hell of a long time to introduce a character like that, but now seems like the perfect time. Her first time on the big screen for her first solo outing is a fitting one too. Set around the events of WW1, we are introduced Diana, prince of the Amazons. A trained warrior on an island of women, she grows up powerful than anticipated by her fellow warriors. In comes a fleeing British spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who crash lands in the sea, only to be saved by Diana. After declaring to the unaware warriors of Amazon, Diana decides to set out to help the rest of the world to stop the war once and for all.

Being that this is most likely Gal Gadot’s first leading role, she does surprisingly well. For what is expected of her, she delivers a true performance of Wonder Woman, one that people can be proud and happy of. She comes across strong, respectful and courageous, all the traits of a perfect Wonder Woman. Albeit, she may not be the greatest actress in the world, but credit where credit is due, she does her damn well best. Star of the show is the ever brilliant Chris Pine. His role of Steve Trevor was perfectly casted for the American actor, his arrogance; cockiness and confidence shine through and bring a real sense of realism to this fictional tale. Comedy act of the film and deserving honourable mention is Lucy Davis, the secretary of Steve Trevor. Her moments of comedy are perfectly timed and easily justified. Her moments really balance out the films mood in moments when it’s really needed.

The one person who deserves all the credit is director Patty Jenkins. A woman that has only directed ONE full length feature film before Wonder Woman to be released at the cinema has injected that extra something into the DCEU. Her choice of not to be so reliant on CGI throughout the film is a brave but brilliant choice. Obviously on a film of this magnitude, CGI is absolutely necessary at times, but it’s choosing the right time to use it, that’s key. There are moments throughout where Wonder Woman looks glorious, the scene when Diana goes out into No Man’s Land and takes on the German soldiers is one to behold, and a real key and memorable moment for me. Not only for its visual look, but it’s almost symbolic meaning behind that scene. A woman, a female superhero walking out into ‘No Man’s Land’ and conquers; now that’s a hidden message. A genre so dominant by males as leading roles, Wonder Woman lays down the foundation for future female superheroes, albeit Marvel or DC.

As brilliant at times that Wonder Woman is, for me the real identity of the film is lost towards the last 20-25 minutes of the film. I talked briefly on the clever use of CGI and that is almost thrown out of the window. The main battle towards the end sways towards the battles in Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. A lot of I punch, you punch, you go flying through buildings, I’m going to throw this car etc. etc. It goes from a very realistic, good looking movie to plain dumb towards the end and that’s such a shame. If the ending was to stay the same, tone wise, Wonder Woman would probably be close to being one of the most enjoyable movies of this year so far. The finale was overdrawn and out of key, but as a whole, Wonder Woman was a huge throwback to comic book movies of old, it was hugely enjoyable. Its fresh to see a comic book movie that isn’t reliant on other stuff being forcibly rammed down your throat to help lead to the next movie in the universe. It kept to the story of Wonder Woman well, and introduced characters extremely well. I’m going to give Wonder Woman 4 out of 5 stars purely based on the fact that the majority of the movie I thoroughly enjoyed and honestly could not find a fault for until the last 20 minutes.

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  1. Big mistake…is now rectified! Thank you for spotting that! 😊 did you enjoy Wonder Woman, too?


  2. the events of WW1, not 2 🙂 you made a small mistake…

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