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Alien: Covenant Review

By Ian Crow

Following the initial mixed reception for Prometheus, the Alien franchise continues with Alien: Covenant. I feel like I’m in the minority by stating that I really enjoyed Prometheus. I enjoyed the exploration of the mythology of the Xenomorphs and Ridley Scott’s interpretation of how humans were created. Prometheus was harshly criticized for not featuring any Aliens but I feel like it wasn’t necessary to include them at that point in the timeline. Alien: Covenant however will be up a lot more people’s street. 5 years has passed since Prometheus, and Ridley Scott has obviously listened to the criticism of Prometheus and improved on his last outing in the Alien franchise.

The big question I had running through my head before I sat down to watch Covenant was ‘Are they going to explain all the unanswered questions from Prometheus?’ Personally, I feel like they carry on from the last film extremely well. Everything and everyone has their purpose, the unanswered questions from before are answered well and the exploration into the Alien mythology becomes incredibly intriguing. Covenant goes down a completely different path than I anticipated. Honestly I wasn’t blown away by the trailers but I’m glad that Ridley Scott has made a decent Alien movie. Visually, this is probably one of the best looking Sci-Fi movies recently and Scott continues to show his strength and dominance within the genre.

The cast is a good one including Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Katherine Waterston, but the ever brilliant Michael Fassbender steals the show as androids David & Walter. Walter is the new android aboard the ship carrying a colony of humans to restart civilization on a remote planet. David being the android from Prometheus that manages to stay alive during the mad escapade during the end of the last film. His performance as David is the absolute standout in the film. Continuing his role as the incredibly deceptive and untrustworthy android, David pops up through the film and immediately makes his presence known. I’m not going to mention how he plays a part in this new Alien film, but his inclusion is exciting and mesmerising. I’d say it was one of my favourite performances from Fassbender since 2013’s 12 Years a Slave. The one issue I have with the casting is of James Franco, yes, James Franco. You may have no idea he is in this film, but he is very briefly, and it’s completely unnecessary, mainly because it threw me off and made me question why he’s in the first five minutes and doesn’t appear again. Odd casting choice if you ask me.

A lot of people have been complaining about the ending and final few moments in this film but I can’t see what the problem is. The action and tension is ramped up from about 20-25 minutes in and slowly but surely the film picks up pace. The way the film ends is a bit of a shock too. Maybe I should have expected it, but I was so engrossed in the film that I didn’t see it coming. I have to say though, I really didn’t think that this would be decent in the slightest, but this is actually a very decent Alien movie. Probably the best one since Aliens and yes I know, before you say it, it’s not hard comparing to the other ones. Credit where credit is due, Ridley Scott deserves the credit for bringing back the ethos and feel of the original Alien movie. I did really enjoy Covenant, a lot more than I would have thought of. The film gets off to a slow pace but it quickly goes through the gears and picks up pace. A very enjoyable Alien movie and they pick up from Prometheus perfectly. 4 out of 5 stars.

3 comments on “Alien: Covenant Review

  1. agree the creation of humans in Prometheus was a nice idea but it was total rubbish from then on.

    spoiler alert.

    ok so let’s live on a planet with corpses everywhere after doing 10 years research on another planet…
    let’s stare in the egg until it opens – at least in alien the helmet should’ve protected him…

    the biggest problem for me was destroying the history of the alien. most people would have thought the aliens have been around for millions of years out in space… but no… they were created 12 years before the alien movie… by humans… thanks ridley just have to pretend this movie never existed

    1 star (for the visuals)


  2. If only we got paid


  3. Anonymous

    Sellout! The movie is complete garbage, who pays you to write this?


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