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Sandy Wexler Review – Netflix Exclusive!

By Ian Morton

Just over 2 hours of your life you will never get back!

Adam Sandler stars as down and out talent agent Sandler Wexler as he represents some of the more eccentric acts in 80’s/90’s Hollywood. After discovering a talented singer at his local theme park (Jennifer Hudson), Wexler not only finds his latest star but also the love of his life.

With Steven Brill once again taking the helm, the result is everything you have come to expect from a Happy Madison production. There is nothing here that will make you laugh, nothing to make you cry and nothing you will ever remember either.

Stretched to just over 2 hours, the story suffers from long moments of nothing, even lacking the typical slapstick Sandler is known for. While there are times when it feels like the story has direction, Wexler as a character is so annoying that you just don’t feel any compassion or sympathy for anything going on. The result is an antagonist that you don’t want to see succeed and therefore one you’re happy to turn off as soon as you get the chance.

Peppered with celebrity cameos, the narration is easily one of the stronger parts as they try to fill and add depth to the main character. While these scenes are put together well, they ultimately add nothing to the film as a whole and leave you wondering just how much they got paid for their brief appearances.

When all is said and done however, Sandy Wexler suffers the same fate as all the other Happy Madison Netflix exclusives – its boring. Its lifeless, not funny and easily forgettable. 1 out of 5 stars.

10 comments on “Sandy Wexler Review – Netflix Exclusive!

  1. Absolutely, polarizing is certainly the best way of describing him!

    Thinking about it, I certainly fall in the ‘going in disappointed’ camp (even though I try not to) but as Netflix have just signed another movie deal, you never know, there could be one in there that could surprise me 🙂

    Thanks for getting back in contact by the way, its always good to have a chat to people after writing a review – especially when people have a different opinion about a film!


  2. It’s interesting that you mentioned Funny People. That and Anger Management were two of his non-misfires that I was actually pretty low on.

    Ah, the ever-polarizing Adam Sandler!


  3. I believe his bests mainly came out in the 90’s, Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds being the last ones I would include on that list. But I watch the new stuff with no expectation of Sandler outdoing his prime years.

    Sandy Wexler made me laugh constantly and I found all the cameos to be delightful. The runtime was not a burden for me, the subplots and extra moments gave it the feel of a 3 or 4 episode miniseries. Now I can see what you mean about it having a familiar “rise and fall, then triumph of this-guy” format.

    I acknowledge it when he gives us something unwatchable and I probably go easy on him when he comes with something that functions on any level. I think you either like his vibe or you don’t. People who expect another Happy Gilmore or Waterboy, or expect an old dog to learn new tricks, are doomed to be dissapointed.


  4. Ah, thanks for catching those errors! I think I’m just waiting for another ‘Funny People’ and just get bored with the same format these films have! Structurally, it’s no different to some of his earlier efforts and the voice really did stop me from connecting with him!I will admit that there is a certain charm about the central story but as a whole, it was just a lot of the same without even a hint at something new! I’m interested what you would say about it though? Did you think it was one of his best?


  5. Absolutely horrible movie ,I Could not watch anymore after about 40/minutes..All involved in making this Movie should be ashamed ! So so so bad.not 1 funny joke or moment.

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  6. Absolutely horrible movie ,I Could not anymore after about 40/minutes..All involved bin this Movie should be ashamed !


  7. 2 hours of my life that wish I could have back…How original. Haven’t read that line hundreds of times in movie reviews or anything. And sorry to be technical, but you used the wrong spelling of “you’re”, and you also said that the film is set in the 80’s when it is clearly set in the 90’s. Remember when the screen read “1995”, and later, “1996” in huge white letters? That would be a dead giveaway.

    While it’s true that the Sandler-Flix have been weak at best, I would argue that this one is a much stronger effort by comparison. It’s not at all like those lazy predecessors, and I find it to be very lazy of you to say that Sandy Wexler is another simple throw-away from Sandler.

    I enjoyed it but I can tell it is not for everyone. Goofy Sandler voices annoy you? That’s fine. A lot of people would agree. However, your overall assessment of the movie was just empty and inaccurate.


  8. Cool, glad you enjoyed it! Would you say it’s one of his best though?


  9. Brandon

    I don’t care who you are obviously you don’t know anything about a good movie you shouldn’t even be making reviews.


  10. Wrong.. I laughed and cried. Open your eyes. This was a great movie.


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