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The Fate of the Furious Review

By Ian Crow

The family are back for the eighth instalment in the Fast and Furious series. Saying that there are eight Fast and Furious movies is an incredible thing to say…right? I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but anyway. The new film follows directly from the ending of the previous movie, Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) travel off their separate ways from Brian (Paul Walker) and they find themselves in Cuba. In Havana, Dom comes across a mysterious woman named Cipher, a world known hacker that seduces him and turns him against his family. Seduced to the point that he is shown that he can do much better than the rest of his crew, Dom is introduced to the world of terrorism and continues to help Cipher in her plan to steal nuclear weapons.

The days of old-school drifting and street races have been officially thrown out the window. The Fast and Furious franchise has reached unstoppable heights and that’s not necessarily a compliment. The problem that this franchise has now is that it’s becoming extremely difficult to up what’s been done in the previous films, without it looking absolutely ridiculous in the process. The one thing though that this new Fast and Furious movies does though is continue its entertainment value. Non-stop action throughout with no rest bite in-between make this film a guilty pleasure of mine. Having so many big names in the film makes it incredibly hard to not enjoy, with the likes of Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson showcasing their physical strength and skill is a joy to behold. The story itself isn’t too bad either; it’s simple enough so you can’t lose where you are. It’s the perfect popcorn blockbuster movie, it will entertain you from minute one to the last and also, it doesn’t ask a lot from you. Isn’t that all that we want from a blockbuster?

I have got to admit though, as much as it’s entertaining, there are some damn right stupid-ass moments in this film. Let’s go through a couple of them; First of all, Dwayne Johnson’s character redirects a torpedo with his bare fucking hands. You can interpret that to being bad-ass, I see it as being damn-right ridiculous. Number two, Vin Diesel takes cover from a nuclear blast behind a couple of cars and survives to tell the tale. So remember kids, if Kim-Jung-Un and Donald Trump go to war with nuclear weapons, you know to take cover behind your parents cars don’t you? And then you’ll be safe from cataclysmic hell. Number three, what the fuck is Helen Mirren doing in this film. Number Four, Tyrese Gibson’s character Roman manages to fall into icy waters and is then pulled out from his car and miraculously doesn’t appear to be wet or in the slightest having early symptoms of Pneumonia. Maybe I’m being a harsh bastard, but this is the kind of thing that ruins blockbuster movies. Stupid shit that is beyond the point of it being impossible, that takes away that smile from my face and turn into my eyes rolling backwards towards my brain.

Apart from those moments of pure embarrassment, the eighth outing for the Fast and Furious crew is still an enjoyable one. Every actor has their part to play and the two hours fly by in front of your eyes. Endless action and simple storytelling make this one of the better examples of how to make a blockbuster that does what it says on the tin. Albeit, it’s no way near a perfect film, but if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require brain power and you like explosions, then The Fate of the Furious is your perfect remedy to your Easter weekend. 3 out of 5 stars.

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