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The Lost City of Z Review

By Ian Morton

Although a little overstretched at times, The Lost City of Z is a compelling look at one of the leading explorers of the early 20th Century.

After an expedition to South America, Colonel Purcival Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam) finds himself obsessed with the exploration of the Amazon on a quest to find a lost civilisation.

Both written for the screen and directed by James Gray, The Lost City of Z is easily one of the strongest stories of the year so far. Showing real diversity, Gray delivers in all aspects of film making. From the deep depths of the Amazon to the British Empire, the story sets its tone early and steps eloquently from one life event to another.

While some could consider the story a little slow at times, the story itself does manage to cover a lot of Fawcetts life. Successfully managing to explore both home and working life, each scene is crafted to build upon the social and professional strains he faced while away.

Charlie Hunnam is perfect in the lead. Both charming and charismatic, Hunnam is gentle in his approach, making him both relatable and easily likable. Robert Pattinson surprises with a decent supporting role while Sienna Miller shines as the wife of the intrepid explorer.

Although hidden among a series of big releases, The Lost City of Z certainly rises above the crowd when it comes to impressive storytelling. A pleasing mixture of performances and direction result in a beautiful portrayal of an interesting historical figure. 4 out of 5 stars.



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