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Get Out Review

By Ian Crow

Great horror films are always very hard to come by. Normally we are only blessed with maybe two, or if we’re extremely lucky, three good horror movies in one calendar year. Now, a lot of the time you do get some great horror movies come out that I instantly love, for example The Conjuring and The Babadook. Great examples of horror films that have come out in the last few years and have blown me away, BUT, I have admit, watching them always leaves a little lingering feeling. That feeling is that there will be some part of the film where I think “Have I seen that before?” To create a truly original horror movie that is completely faultless in every single way is impossible…until now. Get Out is THE most refreshing horror/thriller movies in an incredibly long time. One of the great things about it is that it uses the textbook horror methods so sparingly. Moving away from the conventional horror makes this film incredibly unpredictable.

The premise of the film is centred on an African-American called Chris and his Caucasian girlfriend Rose. The couple is packing and preparing for a weekend away to visit her family on their estate out of the city. Chris feels uncomfortable at first because of Rose’s parents not knowing that he is black. As they arrive to the estate, Chris is welcomed by warm hugs and a grand tour of the estate by Mum and Dad played by Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford, both equally as impressive in their roles. As time goes on, Chris discovers that the family have black servants around the house tending to their needs, for example cooking and cleaning and general maintenance around the grounds. Their mannerisms and general behaviour isn’t normal and Chris starts to become suspicious of his girlfriend’s family.

Directed by Jordan Peele, well-known for his comedic business in America has surprised audiences and critics worldwide with his first directorial effort in Get Out. Let me just repeat that, Get Out is his first directorial effort. Even saying it for the second time baffles me. How this man has created this at his first effort at a feature film is mind-blowing. His camera work is almost effortless, and he manages to pull off every single shot to a tee. Not only is Get Out visually pleasing, but Jordan Peele has delivered a ball out of the park screenplay, too! A perfect mix of comedy, drama and horror all into one perfect little screenplay, and I have to be honest, that is an almighty mix but god damn does he do a good job. Never in a million years would I of thought that I would find a film where I would be horrified in one scene and then pissing myself of laughter in the next! Get Out jumps from serious to comedy from a click of a finger and it works, extremely well!

The whole cast of the movie are also great, too. Lead star Daniel Kaluuya gave such a great performance as Chris. It’s a very real performance that he gives and acts like how any normal person would react in that situation and for me that’s what makes his character great. He isn’t exactly interesting in the slightest but he’s just an average guy that you can relate to. The rest of the cast is great as well, but an honourable mention towards Betty Gabriel and LilRel Howery. Both of their performances couldn’t be any different, Gabriel’s is creepy is every single way, but again doesn’t do anything that makes it over the top. Howery on the other hand plays Chris’s best friend and he is the comedy central in the film. Providing all of the laughs throughout the movie with his quick-witted comments and hilarious persona, he will forever be one of my most memorable characters of this year, mainly because of the amount of times he made me laugh during a horror movie!

There is honestly, hand to heart not one bad thing to say about this movie. The cast, director, screenplay are all incredible. Get Out is visually a pleasing film to watch and one I would love to experience again and again and again. 5 out of 5 stars.

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