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John Wick Chapter Two Review

By Ian Crow

Following on from the success and cult following of the first film, Keanu Reeves is back as badass assassin John Wick. Wowing audiences with old school style techniques of shooting an action movie, the directors brought back Keanu Reeves into the action genre again and effectively revived his career. After much registered interest in seeing more of John Wick, a sequel has quickly been done to keep fans happy. Normally when a film is turned around this quickly, it can normally be a bad thing. Luckily, director Chad Stahelski has continued his impressive use of camera work, especially in action sequences to give us one of the better action sequels out there.

Continuing on from the events of the last film, John Wick is out to find his beloved Mustang that was stolen from him in the first film. After acquiring his car, he is approached by an old friend who reveals that he owes him a large debt and that he must go to Rome and assassinate a target. While this is happening, he makes more enemies along the way and becomes a target for all assassins in America as a large bounty is put on his head. The story for John Wicks next journey is a stepping stone towards an even bigger story line for the assassin. Broadening his horizons, Keanu Reeves character is put under more pressure and his talents are tested to its limits to give us an exhilarating action movie that will become one of the best action films to beat this year.

Writer Derek Kolstad cleverly makes use of the main characters strengths and focuses on them. Little dialogue, extended action sequences, all the while keeping John Wick mysterious and interesting still to the audience. As a huge fan of the first film, I didn’t want there to be more explained about the characters past, all I wanted was to up the ante from the first film and keep the tradition. The second outing for Reeves’ character is an outstanding one. The last half of the film is non-stop no holds barred action. As times feeling like I’m watching The Raid, the stunt work has been improved massively and makes for a more eye watering and nerve bending experience. John Wick is more violent and powerful in his second outing without it being too over the top.

Somehow, they have managed not to mess up this film. I was really apprehensive at the time when they announced the second film, but to say I am relieved is an understatement. John Wick Chapter Two was an absolute roller coaster ride of fun. Maybe a little slow to begin with, but the wait pays off as you experience an incredibly entertaining climax to John Wick’s latest outing. Keanu Reeves continues to be the biggest badass on-screen and has made his character probably one of the best action characters of all time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would probably go and say that it’s better than the first one. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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