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The Bye Bye Man Review

By Ian Crow

Straight off the bat, the title for this movie is a worrying sign. The Bye Bye Man almost sounds like a children’s fictional character that should be living in some kind of candy-filled house and greets children with joy and laughter. Incredibly, this is not the case. This character might as well be a children’s character because it’s not in any way scary. It somehow comes across as a joke, my eyes were confused at the state that this film is in and how much of a rip off it is to recent horrors like The Babadook and It Follows. I will now briefly explain the plot of this film and then I will get back to tearing apart this pathetic excuse of a horror. Okay, here it goes, three friends move into a huge house to share ready for their start to college. Elliot and Sasha, the couple of the film and Elliot’s best friend John all move in and instantly find some creepy goings on in the house. Elliot discovers the origins of this evil spirit called The Bye Bye Man. Once he discovers this, all hell breaks loose.

“Don’t think it, don’t say it” – this is the main tagline of that’s used in the movie. It’s used because the Bye Bye man can only become more powerful if its name is spread and he is made aware to other people. By not thinking or saying his name renders him powerless. The marketing people behind the film have almost left a hidden message on the film’s poster itself. “Don’t think it, don’t say it”, is exactly how I feel about this film. I am making this film powerless by not speaking or thinking about this piss-poor film ever again once I’ve written this review. The films audacity to mimic previous horrors in the last few years is massively disrespectful and incredibly unimaginative. Trying to jump on the success of horrors like Sinister and The Babadook will never work if you try to copy it. The Bye Bye Man as a character is by far one of the worse I’ve seen in a horror in my lifetime, and I can happily say that. The lack of imagination with his character, lack of back story or storyline to back up what the characters purpose is leaves you thinking “what is the point of this movie?”

Not only is the so-called villain awful, but the leading cast is horrifying. All three actors do not deserve to act on the big screen ever again. I know that is harsh, but if that’s the length of their acting abilities, then I have to say that they shouldn’t give up their day jobs. I expect better performances from actors in a primary school Christmas play. There is a brilliant example of how poor they all are, and it’s towards the start of the film. They all look right into the camera, which is the number one rule of acting: DO NOT LOOK INTO THE CAMERA! Second of all, none of them can portray a single emotion without making you want to cry with laughter. With the acting so poor, you have to wonder how this film has even been released, let alone financially backed to even be made!

The little things of the movie really bugged me too. How on earth three college students managed to rent what looks like a fucking nineteen bedroom house and how John, one of the main characters drives a brand new Mustang around. That is completely illogical, but not even that, Elliot the other main guy doesn’t attend ONE class at college at all! I know I’m being incredibly picky here, but everything thing about this film irritates and angers me. This has to be by far the biggest piece of steaming shit I’ve seen in a cinema screen probably during my entire life time. If I could give this film a negative score, I wouldn’t hesitate. 0 out of 5 stars.

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