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Top 10 films of the year – The Big Dudes perspective!

Its been a strange year for the film industry – studios have realized franchises may not be the golden tickets they once thought, remakes are seemingly not worth the time and original/18 rated adventures have seen somewhat of a revival. With all that in mind, its once again the end of another cinema year and with opinions divided as to whether it was a strong or damaging year to the industry, here is my top 10 of the best:

  1. Green Room

Green Room is easily the biggest surprise on the list but with good reason. From the genre defying performances to the claustrophobic climax, this is definitely one to catch – especially now it’s on Netflix!!

  1. The Revenant

Pushing the boundaries of film making, The Revenant still stands out as one of the best films of the year. A combination of outstanding performances and incredible production details have kept this thoroughly nestled in my top 10.

  1. Deadpool

Deadpool managed to turn the genre on its head and take one of the more colourful characters in the Marvel universe back into 18 rated territory. Putting Ryan Reynolds back on the map, this is definitely not your typical superhero adventure but its certainly one of the best.

  1. Everybody Wants Some

In my eyes, Richard Linklater can do no wrong and Everybody Wants Some is no exception. The story itself is remarkably simple but the reality that Linklater manages to weave in and out of the production leaves you more than satisfied at the end.

  1. Hell or Highwater

Strong performances from the main cast push this higher up the list each time I see it. Whilst Chris Pine and Ben Foster do the leg work, Jeff Bridges stands out from the crowd as he proves once again why he has been around such a long time. Once it all comes together at the end, its film making at its best!

  1. The Big Short

Not only delivering one of the most robust and interesting stories of the year, its easily one of the most eye opening. Incredibly accessible to all, Adam McKay has managed to take one of the most pivotal events in the last 10 years and added his patented mark.

  1. Captain America: Civil War

Civil War decided to shake things up a little, stepping away from the traditional goodie vs baddie plot and instead, turn the heroes on each other. Impressive direction and storytelling make this not only central to the reinvention of the genre but also makes it fun as well.

  1. Nice Guys

Nice guys is so funny it hurts. The best on screen chemistry of the year pays off in droves as set piece after set piece provides nothing but comedy gold. When this is paired with a solid story background, you not only get a fun film, but also one to watch over and over again.

  1. Arrival

Arrival is a haunting and beautiful journey through the sci-fi genre. Clearly influenced by the greats of the past, Director Denis Villeneuve is gentle with his approach and it pays off as the audience is drawn in slowly rather than thrown in at the deep in. When partnered with a clever twist, this is truly one of the best things to come to the cinema this year.

  1. Spotlight

My number 1 hasnt changed since January and its easy to see why. Spotlight has the trifector – an incredible ensemble cast, great direction and a smart, amazing story. Everything works in unison and gives you a story that you wont forget any time soon – please, if you get a chance, watch this film!


A couple of honorable mentions:

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Zootropolis
  • Dr Strange


Not what you thought? Then check out Crow’s top 10 of 2016 to see if that’s more in line with what you loved!


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