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Don’t Breathe Review

Fede Alvarez returns to our screen to direct the new horror of the year in Don’t Breathe. His new film follows three teenager burglars that are saving up to move from their rough neighbourhood to start afresh in California. After being tipped off by a man about a secluded house in the suburbs, the three teens decide to rob the house after they discover that there is a huge fortune in the house. They get even more excited when they find out that the person living in the house is a blind man. Licking their lips at the thought of an easy snatch and grab turns out to be a nightmare night for the trio. Played by Stephen Lang, his character is an ex-army veteran and is skilled in hand to hand combat, firing weapons and a heightened sense of smell due to his loss of vision.

Lang’s performance as the blind man is absolutely superb. Powerful, commanding and also terrifying, Stephen Lang’s character is a fascinating one to tell. Lang does incredibly well to portray the hurt and pain that this character feels throughout but also does well to creep the hell out of you. Lead actress Jane Levy also gives another strong performance, carrying on her impressive start to her professional acting career. I enjoyed her role in the Evil Dead remake that was also directed by Fede Alvarez, this time her character is a little different. Her character Rocky makes bad decisions by robbing houses, but is doing them for good intentions to take her little sister away to a better neighbourhood. Being the only woman on-screen, she does a tremendous job at holding her ground and providing some brilliant acting.

After his impressive turn in directing the remake to the classic Evil Dead, Fede Alvarez has yet again proved that he is a bright talent in the horror genre. Keeping me on the edge of my seat and my nails digging into my cup holder, Don’t Breathe is an all-out thriller/horror movie that I will never forget. The film builds up tension and continues to shock you minute by minute. It’s also relentless in its efforts to shock and terrorize you. Once you think it’s winding down or the film is over, it continues to grab you by the throat once again and throw you back in the mix of it. The only thing I can criticize the film for is its ending. For obvious reasons, I won’t say what it is, but I wanted the film to end on an earlier note and to cut out the last scene completely. I feel it would have finished the film on a better note instead of an unnecessary one.

Don’t Breathe is easily one of my favourite films this year. A very basic concept is completely turned on its head and shocks you more and more as the film progresses. Everything that happens in the film is believable and that’s what makes the film work. There is nothing over the top that makes you question it and because of that, you are invested in the story and characters even more. Incredibly, there is no good or bad character in this movie. Every single one of them has their flaws, so it’s that kind of film that makes you question who you should be cheering for. Four out of five stars.

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