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Top 10 badass animals in movies


With The Shallows reigniting people’s fear of the water, AllthingsmoviesUK decided this was the best time to take a look at the most badass animals in film.

Ranking the top 10 we have taken into account animal type as well as the relative damage they do on screen.  For this reason, all fantasy type monsters are not included so those of you expecting to see Lord of Rings or Harry Potter might be a little disappointed.

10. Cujo – Cujo

So starting off our list we have Cujo. There’s not a lot of things scarier than watching something you love turn into an infected, murderous mess. While he may not be the most physically imposing animal in our list, the adorable St. Bernard earns a place purely for the fact that a) he has no control over what happens to him and b) before the rabies savagely takes him over, he doesn’t rank very high in the food chain.

9. Wolf pack – The Grey

Imagine this – your job is to protect oil workers in the far out wilderness of Alaska but upon your return, the plane you flew in on crashes and your stranded with 8 other survivors. As you battle against the treacherous conditions, a larger threat looms – your being hunted by a pack of wolves. With expert hunting patterns and superior tracking techniques, the wolf pack are not only responsible for over half the deaths in The Grey but are doing it to take revenge

8. Anaconda – Anaconda

That’s right, in at 8 we have Anaconda. The giant snake from the classic 1997 B-Movie is more than badass and certainly belongs on this list. Master hunter in water, in trees and in the jungle, there isn’t a lot that can get away from this predator.

7. Bear – The Revenant

This one’s simple – bears are awesome. Whether they are animated or live action, when a bear comes on the screen you either melt or get prepared for a massacre. The reason we ended up going with the bear from the revenant is down to one sheer factor – you don’t mess with mama bear! When poor old Hugh Glass stumbles upon a family of bears roughly 15 minutes in, a look of fear cascades his face when he realises he is about to get more than a little messed up. As it’s such an incredible scene, I won’t spoil it for you, but once you do, you will definitely know why it’s made it to 7.

6. Stampede – Jumanji

Aren’t animals at the zoo fun! Well imagine them all together in one place…shit scared…and running at you at speeds even a train would struggle to get to. With a plethora of beasts from rhinos through to gazelles, there aren’t many forgotten in this devastating bit of cinema magic. It takes number 6 on the list purely for the fact that there is quite literally nothing that gets in their way, cars are stomped, humans are fodder and even a house is no match from the colossal parade!

5. Shere Khan – Jungle Book

We couldn’t mention animals within delving into the Disney vault. From the very beginning animals have played a huge part in every aspect of Disney-dom both good and bad. After delving through the archives and researching this list there were lots to choose from, Iago from Aladdin, Scar from Lion King or even Ratagan from Basil the great mouse detective easily deserve a spot on the initial list, but its to be Shere Khan that eventually made it in. Why does he make the list? Well not only does he possess all the traits of the hunter extraordinaire but he also hates mankind with a passion, causing him to not only be dangerous to the lesser species in the jungle but also the human camps too. When you combine this with his intelligence, pride and general ability to torture his victims, this makes Shere Khan a strong entry to the list.

4. The birds – The Birds

‘I hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world’ –well they couldn’t be more wrong! Lets face it, the run of the mill pigeon is far from terrifying but when Hitchcock was in charge, they all of a sudden became a lot more of a threat. Starting slowly the odd bird attack is like watching the lonely drunk walk back from bar on a Friday night – he looks like he is on the right path with will definitely end with his head through a window. These paralytic birds however quickly escalate into a swarm so horrifying that we had no other choice but to include them in at number 4.

3. Koba – Planet of the apes (2011)

There are literally dozens of apes that could have been used here but once all is said and done, none come more ferocious than Koba. Not only is he completely malevolent towards the human race but he also rises up to command his own army. Setting him apart from the other animals on the list, Koba is hyper-intelligent, an expert fighter and above all, full of vengeance. When all these are put together you not only have one hell of an enemy but a true badass.

2. Jaws – Jaws

As a species, the great white shark has been known about for just over 250 years but it was until 1975 when we were really afraid to go into the water. The great white in Jaws is easily one of the most badass animals in film. It doesn’t matter where you are, the shark will attack – you could be in a cage, on a boat or even on a jetty, but if Jaws wants you, Jaws will get you! When you add this to the fact that he is impossible to catch, you have yourself a relentless, underwater juggernaut that is more than deserving of number 2 on our list.

1. Dinosaurs – Jurassic Park

Taking the top and in need of no introduction, we have the dinosaurs. Ok, ok, ok, it may seem like were cheating here but let’s look at the facts before we all get off our high horses.  Even though they are extinct, there was no real question that the dinosaurs were going to be top. Certifiably badass right from the start, dinosaurs have featured numerous times throughout film history but for most, it’s the events of Jurassic Park that sticks out more than anything else. Whether faced with a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore, all pack a serious punch and each one could strike you down without even breaking a sweat. Everything about them is badass, the smaller ones hunt with savage efficiency, the vegetarians have weapons attached to them and the giants ones fight over which one has the right to eat you.

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