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Finding Dory Review

The sequel to one of Pixar’s biggest and most popular films has finally arrived. Finding Dory has hit our cinema screens and straight from the get go, it has a huge responsibility to follow up on Finding Nemo. Nemo’s set up in the first film was almost perfect. A little fish getting lost in the wide, open ocean made the job to look for him a near impossible job. Finding Dory’s first job is to show audiences that there is a reason to return to the depth of the ocean to revisit these characters.
Straight away, we are shown flashbacks to Dory’s childhood. Her parents trying to teach her how to remember due to her short term memory loss. From that moment onwards, you get connected with Dory again and you become even more interested in the backstory of this character. Flash forward to the present day, Dory gets reminded of her parents that she had forgotten about. Confused but excited at the same time, Dory decides that she needs to try and find her family. Not knowing whether it’s too late or where they are, Dory’s mission seems impossible. After a few discoveries along the way and with the help of Nemo and Marlin, Dory is on her way to finding her family.
I did find it hard to see a reason why we should return to see these characters again on the big screen. The magic of Finding Nemo is nearly untouchable and I didn’t want a sequel to tarnish it. But Pixar do what they do best and churn out great animated movies. Finding Dory has to be one of my favourite animated movies for a while. I felt the opposite way to how I thought I was gonna feel. I loved seeing how the characters had moved on from the first film and to see how different they are. It’s almost like seeing a good friend that you haven’t seen for almost 10 years. It’s a healthy and enjoyable return to the ocean.
The story for Dory is perfect, too. Dory is one of the characters that we know most nothing about. Apart from the fact that she has short term memory loss. The exploration of her journey on the big screen to find her family is hugely enjoyable and a barrel of laughs too! Dory as a character is perfect due to the fact that she is hilarious and is full of energy. The film is helped along the way by some new, refreshing characters that help the film along to the finish line. Idris Elba and Dominic West especially as the London speaking sea lions were my favourite. But as an overall, the whole voice cast is great. Ellen DeGeneres is great as Dory again and it even makes you wonder, could there be more to see in the world of Nemo and Dory? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind finding out.
Finding Dory is on the short list of Pixar sequels. But it has to be very high on that list as one of the better sequels that they have released in their time. A brilliant return to the ocean and these much loved characters. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Finding Dory, and give the films 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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