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Bernie and Rebecca [Short] – EIFF Review

Bernie and Rebecca is honestly one of the best shorts out there at the moment. With some solid performances and a heartfelt narrative, there is something here that everyone can relate to.

The story is simple – after their first date, Bernie and Rebecca head back to the apartment where the two young love birds discuss where their paths will take them.

It would seem that the romance genre is in a little slump at the moment. With no real heart (pun intended) since 2012’s Ruby Sparks, it’s easy to see that the genre needs a fresh perspective. After working behind the scenes on many feature films, Melissa Kent has taken to the director’s chair to tell a story both heart-warming and incredibly moving. With a rooted, realistic approach to the source material, Kent doesn’t mess around. The beginning is sweet and brief and we are then gently taken on a journey that is equal parts heart-warming as it is heartbreaking. With the added combination of a quirky soundtrack and interesting camera work, we are left with something that will easily catch the attention of a fleeting audience.

Rounding off the short nicely we have some decent performances from Brianna Barnes and Kyle Davis. With a good chemistry on screen, both actors add a level of depth that make you empathise with the story they unravel.  When coupled with the subtle direction style, we end up with something incredibly layered considering its short running time.

As the credits began to roll it was hard to tell where exactly you could take a romantic short in such a short amount of time. Luckily, Kent and her team have managed to rejuvenate the genre by sticking to a simple story that everyone can relate to. If only we were treated to more stories like this, the genre wouldn’t be in the state it’s currently in. Great little short!

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