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Elvis & Nixon Review

Elvis & Nixon is a charming story that shines a light on one of the most well known entertainers of all time. Although a little lacking in plot, the balance of characters and clever use of humour make this an easy one to watch.

Elvis & Nixon tells the untold true story (whatever that means) of the meeting between the most powerful man in the world and the most famous.

Set in 1970, the story is a simple yet effective representation of the time. Giving us a glimpse into the singers eccentric existence, Liza Johnson does a decent job behind the camera, keeping the story in the right direction without getting lost in the mad world of ‘The King’. Balancing characters well, the leads are presented as the ‘Odd couple’, blending the peculiar exploits of Elvis and straight laced Nixon to great effect.

With the two leads representing each end of the spectrum, the real strength lies with the supporting cast. The ‘every man’ characters are well placed around the two powerhouses. This not only gives the audience something to empathize with but also grounds them, emphasising both how random and funny this situation really would have been.

Bringing it together is the fantastic chemistry between the two leads. Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey are fantastic, their chemistry together on screen is great and they play off of each other well. When you add this to a strong supporting cast (particularly Colin Hanks), you are left with something that will do more than fill a couple of hours.

Overall, Elvis & Nixon tells an intriguing little story behind one of the most famous photos from the White House. Although a little simple in plot, strong character interaction and a good use of humour make it one to watch. 3.5 out of 5 stars



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