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A Patch of Fog – EIFF Review

The one genre I can always rely on is thrillers. The grittiness of a great story that keeps you on the edge of your seat are always the best. It always seems that they are the most enjoyable when you least expect it. This is true to the case with EIFF film A Patch of Fog. Starring Stephen Graham and Conleth Hill, the story follows a famed writer (Hill) that is blackmailed by a local security guard (Graham) to befriend him after he catches the writer shop-lifting. What turns from a let off then advances to a forced drink at the pub. Then onto exchanging numbers and spending time together. Graham’s character becomes increasingly obsessed with the local author and continues to blackmail him to secure their friendship.

A Patch of Fog brilliantly keeps you on the edge of your seat and forces you to bite down to the borderline of your fingernails. The gritty and dark setting adds to the tense atmosphere between both characters. Stephen Graham continues to shine in his ever growing resume as one of Britain’s bright talents. Along with Conleth Hill, well known for his role in Game of Thrones, he does very well on screen, too. The pair work well together on screen to create that air of uncertainty and tension that helps grip you from the opening moments of the film.

Behind the camera is the Oscar nominated director Michael Lennox. Helming the very well received live action short Boogaloo and Graham in 2014, he moves away from that comedic subject to a dark matter that shows his flexibility when it comes to filmmaking. Using simple camera work throughout, he keeps us very close to the two main characters of the film. The feeling of being that close to them makes you feel a part of the story too. You almost feel guilty to not help or intervene while the events unfold.

Knowing the film makers would have a low budget, the amount of characters is restricted. This is a very smart move by screenwriter John Cairns and Michael McCartney. They produce a good script that concentrates on the two leading men throughout to keep you engaged and connected to these fascinating characters. They also do well to surprise us with twists to the storyline that you don’t necessarily expect.

A Patch of Fog is a brilliant piece of work. Full of tension and gripping until the last minute, it’s a great film that deserves a decent release after its festival run. Fronted by Graham and Hill, the film is very fortunate to have two talented British actors to act out what is a very good storyline. Good camerawork from the director, to who I hope, continues his impressive early career. 4 out of 5 stars.

A Patch of Fog will be available on theatrical release from July 8th and on VOD across all major platforms from July 11th.

The films will be released through Alarm Pictures and Icon Film Distribution.

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