One of the most talked about films premiering at Sundance London was Logan Lerman’s new film Indignation. Set in the 1950’s a young Jewish student attends college in Ohio to get away from the struggles of being at home with his family. Once Marcus (Lerman) arrives at college, he realises that college life may not be as hard as being at home. After meeting a girl called Olivia Hutton (Sarah Gadon) his mind goes into meltdown as he tries to manage falling in love for the first time and the battles of cultural differences with his fellow students.

The first thing I will mention is that Lerman’s performance in this film is absolutely brilliant. As the American born actor grows up, he impresses more on the screen. He comes across powerful and shows he is fully capable of being the leading man in a dramatic film. Alongside him is Sarah Gadon, the brilliant actress also does very well as the problematic college student Olivia. Her charm and beauty make you fall in love with the character immediately, but as you learn about her faults, you start to question whether you should like this girl or not.

Apart from the great acting from Lerman and Gadon, there isn’t much else to say about the film. The subject matter of the film isn’t exactly one of the most interesting ones of the festival. It was very easy to fall into the trap of boredom throughout. There are many scenes in the film that drag on way past they sell by date. A lot of the dialogue or general sequences of shots could easily be trimmed down to make it a fast moving picture instead of it being nearly two hours. At times it was very hard to comprehend what was going on or the direction in which the movie is going. At many points of the film, it starts to step up a gear in suspense but it plunges immediately and leaves a bit of a disappointing after taste in your mouth. There’s a lot to be said for the film and that’s one of its main problems. There are multiple scenarios happening on screen with particular characters either being pointless or not covered enough to truly understand.

It’s very difficult to write a review for this movie because not a great deal really happens. It was a head scratcher at the end of the movie for me as I tried to work out what really happened and if I actually cared about the characters that much. Ultimately, its one that I forgot about very quickly and to be fair, it’s a huge shame because its presented very well but it doesn’t pick up the pace. Indignation did nothing to keep me gripped throughout so my rating for this film is 2.5 out of 5 stars.