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Weiner Review – Sundance London

As a Brit going into a documentary about a disgraced New York politician about the events of Anthony Weiner’s mayor campaign, it’s not something that I would necessarily be interested in. Straight from the get go, we are introduced to Weiner as a film crew follow him during his campaign to become mayor of New York City. The NYC born politician well known for his tremendous passion for the middle class people of his home city and not being afraid to stand up to the corrupt made him a public favourite. His world came crashing down once pictures emerged of him online that showed him sending lewd pictures of his genital region to another woman whilst married. These pictures were detrimental in many ways. Not only did this cause Weiner to resign, but he lost a lot of backing from the public due to his indecent behaviour.
This documentary follows Weiner two years after his resignation as he tries to gain confidence and respect back from the public. It’s incredibly difficult to have an opinion on the subject matter and the person too. With the only footage and information being shown about the man in a 96 minute documentary, it’s difficult to make an assumption about him. What is obvious is that he is very passionate about his job but he also isn’t the smartest cookie on the planet. Making mistake after mistake, it’s incredibly entertaining and intriguing to see this man fall from grace time and time again. As much as that sounds horrible, the documentary comes across like a comedy-doc. Anthony Weiner is an interesting character and it’s an enjoyable documentary to watch as you see the rise and fall of Weiner.
Brilliantly put together by filmmakers Josh Kreigman and Elyse Steinberg, they make a fascinating insight to what is one of the most dramatic couple of years for New York’s lewd politician, Weiner. His ability to fuck up in major situations is remarkable, and he says it himself towards the end of the documentary.
It almost doesn’t feel like a documentary. Weiner almost feels like a generated character that is so arrogant yet entertaining at the same time that you question whether this person could be real. The fascinating part is, that he is real. And that’s what really makes the documentary so interesting. We get a huge insight to this entertaining figure trying to run for Mayor whilst also battling the public and press against his private life. One of the best docs I’ve seen in a long time. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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