Dramedy. The mixture of comedy and drama into one genre. The majority of the time it can go all horribly wrong. To get the perfect Dramedy you need the right balance of as you know comedy and drama. Sometimes it can be too heavy on one side and then the other jumps in, it becomes irrelevant. The exception however, is Jesse Plemons new film, Other People.

Plemons broke through on screen in the hit TV show Breaking Bad. Since then, he has had a handful of work, steadily introducing his name. This being his first piece of work as a leading man, Plemons does extremely well. Especially due to the fact that his character seems to be out of his comfort zone with comparison to his previous work. A 30 year old gay man, struggling screenwriter with his mother dying from cancer.

It’s an extremely difficult subject to cover. After dealing with the terrible disease to a close family member, I can normally pick out the poor portrayals and assumptions of cancer. Brilliant actress Molly Shannon, however, gives a true and touching performance of a struggling cancer patient. Not exactly the choice of film people would want to watch, but when done correctly, you get to really appreciate it.

One of the best things about this film is as I’ve mentioned the performances of Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons. The supporting cast are also very good. The ensemble is a superb mix of dramatic and comedic backgrounds that balances out the emotions and feelings throughout the film. There are moments when you really connect and want to burst out in tears. The next, you want to cry of laughter.

Additionally, the screenplay is wonderful. It brings a sense of realism to it. The connection of the family and the interaction with everyday struggles are incredibly relatable. By far my favourite movie of the festival, Other People gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.