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Top 5 comebacks in the last 10 years

People say that fame is a fickle thing. Whether you make some bad decisions, you get a little too old or completely go off the deep end – a glittering career can end in more than an instant. Every so often though a role can come along that can not only revitalize and renew but it can even get you close to a little gold statue.

In the last couple of years we have seen some comebacks for the ages. Granted, several of these have only been one time successes, but there have been a couple that have reignited a career once thought dead.

With this in mind, were here to count down the top 5 comebacks in the last 10 years. Now, before some of you kick off about a couple of the picks, it’s based not only on their recent body of work, but the film that threw them back into the limelight. So without further wait, let’s start the list!

Kurt Russell

Back in the 80’s and 90’s Kurt Russell was one of biggest names in Hollywood. Whether he was fighting fires, taking on trouble in Little China or even travelling to dimensions unknown, Russell was easily one of the heavy weights. Once the naughties hit however, things took a little turn for the worse. All of a sudden he was taking his kids to superhero school and eventually going down with the ship in the ‘Poseidon’ remake. Fortunately for us though, fate has shone a light on the great actor. In 2015, James Wan decided to cast him in an unknown part for ‘Furious 7’ only for him to then find great success in one of the oldest genres in the book – The Western. With an acclaimed performance in ‘Bone Tomahawk’ followed by a stellar performance in Quentin Tarantino’s, ‘The Hateful Eight’, Mr Russell has done more than just come back, he may even of set himself up for a few rounds in the Marvel universe.

Mickie Rourke

Although Rourke hasn’t had the most successful reboots of those mentioned so far, his comeback is easily one of the greatest. ‘The Wrestler’ is easily one of the most breathtaking bits of cinema in the last 10 years and all credit goes to the hypnotic performance by Rourke. Even if his career has taken somewhat of a downturn in recent years – ‘The Expendables’ being the final resting place of a glorious career – the brutal and honest depiction of a down and out wrestler is one of the most inspiring things you will ever see on the big screen.

Michael Keaton

Much like Kurt Russell, Michael Keaton’s career started in the 80s and started with a bang. Spring-boarding into the limelight in Tim Burtons ‘Beetlejuice’, things looked to be on the up and up when he was cast as billionaire Bruce Wayne in the hugely successful ‘Batman’ and eventual sequel ‘Batman Returns’. Once hanging up the cowl though, things were a little hit and miss for the once untouchable superhero. His star power began to melt from the point he took on Jack Frost and only got worse when he thought he thought he could talk to dead people. Once it looked like his career was finally over though, Keaton managed to do something that not many would assume could revive a career – he made us laugh. Proving he had a sense of humour in the Will Farrell comedy, ‘The Other Guys’, his resurgence has gone from strength to strength. Not only has he earnt himself a little nomination for his efforts in the massively entertaining ‘Birdman’, he also stunned audiences everywhere in the dramatic ‘Spotlight’ – a role for which he was clearly robbed of another nomination.

Robert Downey Jr

More of a life comeback than a career comeback, RDJ is easily the most successful of all the actors on this list. With a life story that would make Keith Richards autobiography seem dull, Downey Jr’s portrayal of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not only revived a fledging career but also implanted him right in the centre of one of the most successful franchises of all time. When you add this to a list that contains ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and the equally impressive ‘Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows’, we can be safe in the knowledge that he isnt going away any time soon – let just hope he stays away from crap like ‘The Judge’ and ‘Due Date’.

Harrison Ford

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Indiana Jones 5, Blade Runner 2…need we say more!? Harrison Ford is hands down one of the greatest people on the planet. Finding serious fame way back in 1977, Ford has managed to be at the centre of the most adored franchises of all time. As time went on however, it looked like Fords career was starting to slow down. With the abysmal fourth instalment to the Indiana Jones franchise slowing things down; follow up films consisting of ‘Morning Glory’, ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ and massive financial flops such as ‘Paranoia’ did nothing to reignite the fire during the stars golden years. Just as ‘The Expendables 3’ looked to be the final nail in the coffin, Disney bought Stars Wars from George Lucas and his career has seemed to start all over again. With a production schedule busier than the rest of my life, this is definitely a comeback worth noting!

So that’s it for our top 5 comebacks in the last 10 years. What do you guys think? Are there any notable comebacks we have missed? If so, leave us a comment – you never know, they could make it into the next list!

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