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The Huntsman: Winters War Review

Chris Hemsworth returns as The Huntsman from the tale of Snow White. With the absence of Snow White in this movie, the focus is all on the huntsman as we explore his backstory about his growing’s up and love life. Using its means to be a prequel, it’s also becomes a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman as it carries on from the events of the 2012 movie. Probably the most unwanted sequel/prequel that people want, we somehow have a film based on Snow Whites huntsman.

Returning on screen is Chris Hemsworth; the Aussie actor does his best by slaying and fighting his way through many people in this film. With an acting ability compared to a hollow nut, it comes to a point where the actor becomes incredibly boring. Enjoyable as the god of thunder Thor in the Marvel movies, Chris Hemsworth unfortunately doesn’t muster up a lot of great work away from Marvel (barring Rush because that film is incredible). His skin is saved just slightly by the ever brilliant Jessica Chastain. The Academy award nominated actress is hugely enjoyable in the film as Sara, the lover of the huntsman. I must admit that it’s strange to see Jessica Chastain pick such a random movie to star in. Her potential is huge and it’s a bit of a let-down to see her be in a film of this calibre.

The Huntsman: Winters War isn’t the worst movie on earth. It’s just one of the most un-needed and pointless films that’s been made in recent times. The demand for a sequel/prequel wasn’t there and the fact that Snow White isn’t even involved is another issue too. But I can’t deny the fact that I did enjoy the film a fair bit. Full of action and a few chuckles on the way helped me get through it. But, to say that Nick Frost and Rob Brydon were the highlights isn’t a flattering compliment to the film. The film struggles throughout to really argue its case to actually exist. The main storyline is very basic and 100% predictable; it goes to show how un-appealing this film is when the studio has to hire the second unit director from the first film to direct the whole picture! In its defence, The Huntsman: Winters War isn’t a mess at all. To compare, it has the same traits as a Christmas cracker; it looks fantastic and interesting on the outside, but as soon as you open it, you’re left with a big bang, a bit of a mess and a massive disappointment inside. 2 out of 5 stars.

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