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Ride Along 2 Review

Following on from the huge success of the first film, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart return as the unlikely cop duo. Ice Cube’s character James is called to go to Miami to take down a drug dealer that is filtering drugs into Atlanta, where James works. James reluctantly takes Ben (Kevin Hart) along as his partner to Miami to try and teach Ben a lesson (again) by scaring him with his aggressive tactics. Having one of the quickest turn arounds for a comedy sequel, there is exactly two years from the release of the first film to this sequel. The huge success of ‘Ride Along’ in America pushed Universal to quickly produce a sequel to make quick, easy money. That decision seems to of worked as it became the number one movie in its opening weekend and took a decent amount of cash. I really enjoyed the first film so it was unfortunate that I came away very disappointed with this sequel. What is essentially the same story line as its predecessor, the sequel is a very lazy effort to make a follow up to one of the biggest comedy movies of all time.

There’s not much to discuss about the acting abilities of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Either you love them or hate them but personally I enjoy watching Ice Cube. This has to be one of my favourite characters Ice Cube has portrayed but it’s only really because it’s one that plays so well to his ‘strengths’. Kevin Hart is always rather hit and miss. He seems to scream and shout all the way through the movie which is more irritating than anything else. Frustratingly, I have always enjoyed him in bite size chunks in movies like Scary Movie 3 & 4 but truthfully I don’t see his attraction as a leading actor.

Overall, there are parts of the film that are enjoyable but in all honestly, it’s a massive middle finger to the audience. With characters that haven’t changed and an identical story to the original, it’s just the same thing but set in a different location. I’d rather they waited another year to produce a better script with a more original story that could have been a lot more enjoyable than watching the first movie again. 2 out of 5 stars.

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