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The Walk Review

Based on the incredible story of Phillippe Petit’s high-wire walk across the World Trade Centre in New York has been given a fresh injection of life and has explored the truly unbelievable event that unfolded back in 1974. Robert Zemeckis helms this biopic movie that chronicles the Frenchmen’s rise from aspiring wire walker in a tiny village in France, to doing his dream performance of walking between at the time, the two tallest towers in the entire world on a wire, with no safety rope or net. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the wire walker and not so convincingly, gives us a dodgy French accent throughout the film, but looking past that, he provides the vast energy and witty personality that Phillippe Petit possesses.

I watched the film in spectacular 3D (I rarely say that), Robert Zemeckis continues his impressive work of visual mastery on the big screen and blows us all away in a way I thought I would ever feel while watching a movie. The 3D is playful throughout the picture and is used very well, and most importantly, isn’t in your face or used unnecessarily. The American director is excessively under-looked when people talk about the best directors of our time, and I think a lot of people seem to forget he has directed some of the greatest movies in our lifetimes including ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘The Polar Express’; not only that, but he has consistently been imaginative with every single film and embraced the change in technology within film and has moved with time in a glorious way.

Mainly, my biggest issue was whether Joseph Gordon Levitt could provide a performance worthy to emulate Phillippe Petit, but he does so surprisingly, but like I mentioned before, his French accent is borderline terrible. Apart from that, ‘The Walk’ is a visual spectacle, especially in 3D, but the most impressive part of the film is obviously the finale when Petit walks along the wire. My gut turned upside down and back up again; my skin was tingling and I couldn’t sit still. Not being the biggest fan of heights, it obviously affected me a great deal, but having that effect on me really helped me grow my love for the film.

Hugely enjoyable throughout, ‘The Walk’ is perfect for all ages and provides some breath-taking moments with a dash of humour on the side to balance out the picture. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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