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The Gift review

Is The Gift the one that keeps giving or does it make you wish you had the receipt?

Joel Edgerton is not usually known for his directing, but after sitting down with The Gift, I can honestly say that he should get in that seat more!

The Gift follows Simon (Jason Bateman) and his wife Robyn (Rebecca Hall) as they move to home following a recent job promotion. Things however start turning a little sour when a blast from the past comes knocking at the door, leaving little gifts after each visit.

In simple terms, this film is great! Encapsulating the genre perfectly, Edgerton successfully treads the line between drama, thriller and horror and leaves us with a captivating story that will leave you glued to the screen! Similar to last years Gone Girl, it’s gentle packaging does a great job manipulating the audience, making for something both watchable and intensely interesting.

Not only confined to the directors chair, Edgerton is also responsible for the script itself, producing easily one of the most interesting stories of the year. With a unique twist, the main plot is somewhat different to most other revenge stories and leaves the audience feeling uneasy rather than fully retributed at the close. Although this seems like a negative trait, its resonance will lead you to debate on the way home and that unusual twist only adds rather than takes away from the experience.

Rebecca Hall and Joel Edgerton take on their roles as well as can be expected, but the true surprise performance comes from Jason Bateman. Successfully branching away from comedy, Bateman does a great job in such a serious role. Considering that he is rather hit and miss when it comes to the silver screen, its great to see him get so involved in each scene. Keeping the audience guessing whether he is the hero or the asshole, this clever deceit is enough to keep you mesmerised!

After a successful unwrapping, The Gift is a rare treat amongst a month of crap. With Edgerton proving his strength in the directors chair, it wouldnt surprise me if we see him taking the mantle a little more in his future. A great film that will definitely leave you something to chat about. 4 out of 5 stars!

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