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Pixels Review

Adam Sandler’s new film ‘Pixels’ is his latest effort to test people’s patience of paying £10 for a cinema ticket to watch him shit all over the screen. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Adam Sandler shits all over the screen again, and you’ve most likely just paid to see it. In his latest effort, Adam Sandler plays Brenner, a 40ish year old man who was an incredible sensation at the 80’s arcade games. Attending competitions as a kid, he would normally become victorious, until meeting another kid who was eventually better than him. Skipping forward from his days of playing Pacman & Donkey Kong, Brenner is now an employee for a company that installs software and hardware for their customers. Brenner, who is single, comes across his latest customer who he instantly falls in love with; the beautiful Michelle Monaghan, who informs Brenner that she, has recently split with her husband due to him cheating.

While these events unfold, the President of the United States (ironically and I am flabbergasted to say is played by Adam Sandler’s very unfunny friend) Kevin James intercepts a message from a local army base. The video involves old-school video game characters attacking. Back in the 1980’s, America sent a time capsule to Earth and the alien planet interpreted the video as an act of war, so that justifies why old school video game characters are attacking the world. Incredibly, the people that are forced to save the world are Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Kevin James and Peter Dinklage. It’s embarrassing to say that these are the people that the film has relied on to save the planet. A bunch of actors (If that’s what you want to call them, excluding Peter Dinklage) who think that screaming all the way through the film is funny, it isn’t. The setting of the movie is kind of like a disaster movie; buildings are being blown up, people are getting hurt. The film itself is an absolute disaster; or more to the point, a trollop of shit.

It’s incredible to think that Adam Sandler gets work anymore; mostly, no one is interested in the in his films anymore. People grew tired of his consistent portrayal of his characters that always ended up screaming down the camera lens or talking like a five year old. It’s even come to the point where he doesn’t even try anymore; now that is incredibly sad. The worst thing is that Chris Columbus, once a great director that created so many films that people adore including ‘Home Alone’ & ‘The Goonies’ has directed such a terrible film. Unfortunately, Mr. Columbus, you are far from your heyday of the 80’s and 90’s.

I have to admit, ‘Pixels’ is attractive to the eye and does possess some great visual work, but isn’t that what we all expect nowadays from big budget picture films? It’s a joy to see the old video game characters come to life on the big screen, but even that isn’t enough to save ‘Pixels’ from the depths of hell. Hugely embarrassing, completely unrealistic, I mean, how on earth do all these attractive women always fall for Adam Sandler’s characters? He is a loser! There isn’t one stand out moment I can really say I enjoyed in the film. If I’m being totally honest, I’m not surprised I didn’t enjoy this movie. 1 out of 5 stars.

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