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Inside Out Review

‘Inside Out’ is the newest addition to an already fantastic, heart-warming and thought provoking collection of animated films including ‘Toy Story’, ‘Monsters Inc.’, ‘Up’ & ‘Wall-E’. For ‘Inside Out’ to be added to Pixar’s hall of fame of great, it needs to be obviously successful and universally loved. In its first weekend in America, its set the record of the highest non-number one by hitting just over $90 million and for an original Pixar project to make that much money, it’s absolutely outstanding. After seeing the latest project from Pixar on the big screen, it’s up there with one of my all-time favourite Pixar films, ever.

‘Inside Out’ follows the life of a young-girl called Riley Anderson and her five personified emotion, Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness. Riley has the perfect life and is controlled perfectly by all her emotions, until the day comes when Riley and her family have to move from their beloved home town of Minnesota to San Francisco. The move doesn’t help Riley’s core memories are lost by the five emotions in her head; the loss of her core memories send Riley into a downward spiral into an emotionless human being. Joy and Sadness are then lost from their headquarters (headquarters is Riley’s brain) that again doesn’t help Riley as she isn’t able to feel the emotion of Joy while that emotion is absent from headquarters.

‘Inside Out’ dives head first into the all-time greats of Pixar movies due to its universal understanding of the plot and emotions that Riley endues during the film. People of all ages and backgrounds were laughing throughout the picture and it’s probably the only Pixar film that has made me laugh out loud consistently throughout. The success of ‘Inside Out’ has many key factors behind it; it helps incredibly that it’s a Pixar animated feature, the fact that it’s a hugely relatable plot that people can relate to, but its success is all down to its director Pete Doctor. Pete Doctor has been the heart of Pixar’s most loved projects, he previously directed ‘Monsters.Inc’ and ‘Up’ and created the story for ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Wall-E’. Now that’s an impressive CV!

‘Inside Out’ is a fantastic thrill-ride of emotions that hits all the emotions of a child and an adult, and that is the key ingredient to a successful and universally loved animated film. ‘Inside Out’ is also complimented by a fantastic voice cast too including Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Diane Lane and the cameo voice of legendary voice actor Frank Oz. ‘Inside Out’ gets a huge 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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