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Jurassic World Review

‘Jurassic Park’ is understatedly one of the greatest films of all-time. Helmed by one of the greatest directors of all-time, Steven Spielberg, in the early 90’s, it really was a game changer in the way blockbuster films are delivered. Ever since then, many blockbuster family films have tried to recapture the magic of the film and have always come very short. After that, ‘Jurassic Park’ went on to get two sequels that didn’t quite recapture the awe-inspiring moments that the first film had. 14 years have passed since ‘Jurassic World 3’ and we have the new instalment in the franchise which is set years after the events of the third film; ‘Jurassic World’ has a brand new cast full of modern day talent such as blockbuster giant Chris Pratt in the leading role as Owen Grady, who is the Velociraptor trainer in the park, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing, the park operations manager and upcoming young star Ty Simpkins as the nephew of Bryce Dallas Howard’s character.

After his invitation to the park along with his older brother by his aunt (Bryce Dallas Howard), the two brothers are given access-all-areas passes around the park to discover and explore the terrific park in all its glory. Not only do they have access-all-areas passes, you do too; and that’s the terrific aspect of ‘Jurassic World’, you don’t have the feeling that you are following these characters around the park, you feel immersed by the surroundings and the events that unfold in the park. Directed by independent filmmaker Colin Trevorrow who had only directed 2012’ ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’, it was a major risk giving such an ambitious and well-loved project to what was effectively an unknown to the blockbuster game of filmmaking. Credit has to be given though, as ‘Jurassic World’ isn’t only a very good film, but the film brings back everything that was great about the first film. Pulsating action sequences, incredible and breath-taking shots of the dinosaurs and the landscape, but the one thing for me that won me completely over was the choice of composer Michael Giacchino who added the original soundtrack to the film, but added a beautiful score to go along with this huge blockbuster.

The huge reason why I loved ‘Jurassic World’ so much is that it has that blockbuster feeling to it. ‘Jurassic World’ is everything that a blockbuster film should be; insane action sequences, a rapid movement of the plot, great characters and moments that bring great joy to your faces. ‘Jurassic World’ isn’t better than the first film, and that’s a given, but it is second best in this new born franchise that has new life and again, can continue with these new characters.

‘Jurassic World’ has that blockbuster edge to it, and ultimately, that’s what makes it a hugely enjoyable thrill ride and actually a sigh of relief to see that real blockbuster films are not dead. 4.5 out of 5 for ‘Jurassic World’

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