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Focus Review

‘Focus’ is the new crime, drama, comedy, romantic film starring Will Smith who plays Nicky Spurgeon, who is the mastermind con artist roaming the streets of America who takes on local petty thief/con artist in Margot Robbie’s character Jess Barrett. As they become the crime duo, they face obstacles that they haven’t faced in their professional criminal career by avoiding falling in love with each other and not getting in each other’s business, but hey, what kind of film would it be if they just went into the sunset 20 minutes into the film without some twists and turns for entertainment purposes? A very short film, that’s what. Anyways, carrying on, ‘Focus’ is definitely a film that will catch a lot of people’s attention. This is Will Smith’s first leading role in a film since his outing in the mildly amusing ‘Men in Black 3’, and at that point, the previous box-office king hadn’t had a great film that he starred in since ‘Seven Pounds’ back in 2008.

Focusing on his son’s career, Will Smith’s name seem to disappear from the limelight and only popped up every now and then in the past few years, and we can all safely say that not all has gone to plan. Having recently admitted that ‘After Earth’ was a catastrophic disaster, Will Smith has decided to go back to what he’s best at, and that’s in films like ‘Focus’. Will Smith is Will Smith, but I am perfectly fine with that, that’s why I actually quite enjoyed this film. Not only that, but it included hot property actress who is straight of the block from ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, adds that extra incentive towards other cinemagoers that may or may not be that sure that Will Smith would be able to carry the film. And if I am being completely honest, that’s not the best thing to say. Margot Robbie isn’t the greatest actress that’s for sure, but she has star appeal, which is exactly what she adds to ‘Focus’.

The storyline for ‘Focus’ is pretty basic, it does cover a huge amount of genre’s which should bring in the masses to watch the film, if I’m being honest actually, it is a Will Smith film. Full of comedy, romance and drama and if that is what you have come for, then your expectations will be fulfilled. ‘Focus’ is like a roller coaster for me, and not in the best of ways; the film has its great moments but then it goes all the way down through the loop-de-loop and falls flat. The storyline tries too hard to deliver twists after twists after twists, which is one of its massive stumbling blocks.

To be honest, ‘Focus’ isn’t amazing but it isn’t awful either. Its split right down the middle of averageness in which if you was asked for your opinion on the film, your answer would mostly be like ‘Meh’. And that’s what I’m trying to get at people, it’s not a fantastic film, it’s just okay. I’ll admit though, it is good to see the old Will Smith back on our screens, and I look forward to Will Smith & Margot Robbie teaming up again for DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ which is set for release in 2016. 3 out of 5 stars for ‘Focus’.

2 comments on “Focus Review

  1. Glad you agree! Thank you for the comment, much appreciated!


  2. The twists and turns get a tad crazy by the end, but for what it’s worth, I had fun with this. Good review.


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