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The Interview Review

Before its eventual release in the US in cinemas and on digital platforms, ‘The Interview’ became the most talked subject around the world, let alone being the most talked about film. It wasn’t gathering widespread recognition for the film; it was getting recognized for the wrong reasons. Jump back a few months to December where ‘The Interview’ was due for release on Christmas Day in America, anticipation for the film was fairly high which then sky-rocketed through the roof when Sony decided to pull the film because of a threat from North Korea. Since then, Sony got the backing of many people including US president Barack Obama to release the film, and subsequently, ‘The Interview’ was released. ‘The Interview’ was released on a limited basis in America but broke records as it grossed $40 million in digital sales, which is a record for Sony Pictures. Now, let me tell you whether it was worth the wait.

‘The Interview’ follows two characters Dave Skylark (James Franco) who is a host of talk show where he talks to celebrities about their personal life; look out for Eminem’s hilarious cameo. Seth Rogen plays Aaron Rapoport who is the producer of the show gets a call that Kim-Jung-Un is a big fan of the show and accepts the opportunity of having an interview on the show. After landing one of the biggest but controversial interviews in history of television, Dave and Aaron get a mysterious visitor to their door. CIA agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) proposes a plan for the two to assassinate North Korean leader Kim-Jung-Un during an interview by using a strip that contains ricin to which will enter the body when Dave shakes hand with the leader. Eventually, they meet the leader, to Dave and Aaron’s surprise; he is a completely different person to who they expected to be. The fun outgoing leader comes across as a harmless person, to which Dave becomes close friends during their visit and refuses to kill the leader.

After appearing together in films such as ‘Pineapple Express’ and most recently ‘This is the End’, Seth Rogen and James Franco are quickly becoming the best comedy duo in film. The brilliant charisma and realism between the two make the film even funnier than it should be. What is effectively, a very basic comedy idea, its propelled to a higher level and is by far their funniest work yet. ‘The Interview’ is full of brilliant gags, over the top violence and unforgettable scenes. If you are a big fan of their previous work, then you are in for a real treat, but unfortunately, if Seth Rogen and James Franco dumb humour is not your cup of tea, then this is something to miss.

‘The Interview’ isn’t just blessed with James Franco and Seth Rogen, but it also has a brilliant supporting comedy actor Randall Park as Kim-Jung-Un. The upcoming comedy actor displays a great performance as the dictator and proves that he has the balls to pull off an edgy and controversial character in style. But my dear friends, ‘The Interview’ isn’t perfect; running at a pain staking 112 minutes, the film does lag in a couple of scenes to which I felt were unnecessary especially at the beginning of the film. Personally, I prefer my comedy films a lot shorter. There is no need for a two hour comedy people!

Apart from that, ‘The Interview’ lives up to the hype and controversy that surrounded it during the last few months. 4 out of 5 stars.

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