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Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Previously boasting a November release date, ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ was put back to January which obviously rings alarms that the project is in some sort of trouble. Also, January is also generally known for the awards season, so normally films that are released in January that are not nominated are normally sub-average films; but this is an extreme case where we have a very strong start to the year in January and everything so far has been pretty impressive. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, who is well known for his previous projects such as ‘Kick-Ass’, ‘X-Men: First Class’ and ‘Layer Cake’, he had already gained the reputation for violence driven films but with a slice of comedy on the side. This is most evident in ‘Kick-Ass’ which boasts massive similarities to ‘Kingsman’. Firstly, they are both based on comics and two, but were both relatively unknown to the common man. After delivering a brilliant action-superhero film in ‘Kick-Ass’, Matthew Vaughn has decided to carry on the feel of ‘Kick-Ass’ into ‘Kingsman’. Personally, ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ blows ‘Kick-Ass’ out of the water.

Newcomer Taron Egerton who plays Eggsy is gifted the necklace of his father from when he died in combat for the Kingsman. Colin Firth’s character Harry Hart hand delivers this to the young Eggsy and tells him to call in any need of help. Skip forward around 10 years and our main protagonist, Eggsy is causing havoc in the streets of London by getting into fights and stealing cars. The struggles without a fatherly figure in his life show as he ultimately gets arrested and remembers to call The Kingsman and this is when he gets his chance to enlist into the spy agency and show what he is capable of. Let’s go back around half a year when I first saw the trailer, my initial thoughts of the film were massively negative. I’m not the biggest fan of Colin Firth and I was very unsure on Samuel L. Jackson’s horrid voice in the film. Ultimately, I can say I was very, very wrong! ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ is a fantastic piece of action-comedy that has come out of England for a while. The film is riddled with winks to the famous James Bond movies which included the old-school spy gadgets, the elaborate plan that is unveiled by the villain and the whole style of the film is based on old-school spy movies.

The action scenes throughout are superbly choreographed and very enjoyable throughout. Look out for the massive fight scene between Colin Firth and some very angry church attendees in a church, the whole scene is huge fun and is very reminiscent of Edgar Wright fight scenes. Bloody, violent, over-the-top and hilarious! The whole cast of ‘Kingsman’ are all equally as good and provide a brilliant ensemble cast to which they all provide their moments which are all great! Newcomer Taron Egerton is the star of the show and oozes confidence and charisma on screen while he is surrounded by some of the most experienced actors of all-time. Swearing galore throughout, this is by far one of the best spy movies in the past 10 years, maybe even more! A bundle of joy, ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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