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Gone Girl Review

David Fincher is back with his 10th feature film and in my personal opinion, his best without a doubt! Gone Girl is the adaptation of the book of the same name which was written by Gillian Flynn, and this is where all the boxes start to be ‘ticked’. David Fincher allowed Gillian Flynn to write the screenplay which I believe is the best thing to do when adapting a book into a feature film; the author has also deviated from the novel so that the story can be structured differently, and praise has to be given to Gillian Flynn who writes a tremendous screenplay which delivers tension, shock and laughter in a mixed bag of emotions so perfectly that it will leave you with your hands over your eyes.  Gone Girl isn’t just an investigative thriller, it’s a horror, and one hell of a one too!

After watching the film and knowing the events that occurred, I know find it very difficult trying to explain what the film is about, but what I can say is, Ben Affleck’s character Nick Dunne’s wife is announced missing which causes a media stir and making his story of the disappearance one of the most talked about stories in America. Even if you watched the numerous trailers over, and over, it will not give absolutely anything anyway, it’s really not what you expect when you walk into the cinema, and that’s the great thing about ‘Gone Girl’.

I will have to admit, when I first saw the cast, I was a little concerned because it wasn’t the strongest Fincher cast barring The Social Network which doesn’t bode the best cast, but somehow, like the magician he is, David Fincher pulls off a master-class film, and you have to give him real credit for that; and when I mean credit, I mean an Oscar nomination.  Ben Affleck delivers a brilliant performance as Nick Dunne, and as someone put it after the film and which I completely agree with, is that any haters that don’t like Ben Affleck being Batman, if you watch ‘Gone Girl’, your whole perception of him changes. But, Ben Affleck isn’t the best thing about this film, Rosamund Pike is outstanding; if I see a better female performance this year or if someone else wins the Oscar for Best Actress then I will run naked in my local city. YOU WILL NOT SEE A BETTER PERFORMANCE THAT IS A GUARANTEE. Rosamund Pike’s performance is spell-binding and blows every other actresses work across the last few years out of the water.

David Fincher delivers yet again and adds another incredible film to his repertoire; Gone Girl is by far the best film he has ever done, and I don’t even flinch when I say that. After watching the film, I was completely speechless, I had so much to say about the film but I just couldn’t say a word. I have never, EVER, felt this way about a film before in my life. There are no faults whatsoever with Gone Girl, it is the perfect film, it’s flawless! My number one film of 2014 and probably one of the best films in the last decade; 5 out of stars!

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