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Dumb and Dumber To Review

One of my favourite films of all time got a sequel….its just a shame that’s it probably one of the most disappointing ones out there!

About two years ago Jim Carry let slip that he was interested in doing a sequel to Dumb and Dumber. After much digging it then came out that not only Carrey was interested, but Jeff Daniels also wanted to reprise his iconic character from the ‘dumbest’ film around! It wasn’t long before the Farrelly brothers were involved and before we knew it, we were being treated to a trailer….a very, VERY disappointing one!

Wanting to follow suit with 95% of sequels it promised more laughs, more slapstick and more Harry and Lloyd, its therefore unfortunate that I must review with a heavy heart a film that has no laughs, unnecessary slapstick and too much Harry and Lloyd!

It must be difficult writing a sequel, but in the right hands it can bring more than just a little fortune! Although trying its hardest to bring the characters back after 20 years, the story just doesn’t do enough to keep you entertained! Wrecklessly relying on slapstick to get the cheap laugh, its biggest issues heavily lies in its attempt at at merging the slapstick with the story. Very ‘American’ in humour, the film is very guilty at pandering to the crowd that just want to see the same thing over again. If you want to see that its fine, but in my opinion it would have been nice to see the veteran actors get into new adventures that didn’t involve either a road trip or unnecessary love interest!

Now i have to admit I was guilty of a little chuckle every now and again, but admittedly every so often there was a little gem that brought back the subtle comedy that made the first one so great. Its just hard to overlook the weak attempts of humour that feature so prominently throughout the picture, most causing you to just claim aloud ‘its just not Dumb and Dumber!’

Thinking about my general experience with the film, one of the biggest things that irritated me was the constant need to have Harry and Lloyd on the screen at the same time just running the same jokes as they did so long ago. At least the first one broke them apart, told individual, little snippets of story that gave the characters depth and innocence….its just a shame that their constant reproduction of things done well in the past rips that fun straight our of the film in their latest adventure.

Its clear that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels had a blast making the film and its obvious from the start that they know exactly how to play them, but time is a harsh mistress and given the journey that both these actors have been on through their career, it seems a shame for them both to waste on their talents portraying these characters again!

Overall, it could be said that a lot of expectation was sitting uncomfortably in the lap of the Farrelly brothers, so its unfortunate this has gone the same way as all the other sequels out there (Anchorman 2….)! If your a fan of the same stuff done in a bad way then you will love this, but if your looking to reconnect with characters that you loved 20 years ago, I fear you will leave more disappointed than with a smile on your face!

Dumb and dumber to….it saddens me to write this, but unfortunately your only worthy of 1 star out of 5!

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