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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Review

Questions were raised when the first Hunger Games was released. Will it be another successful teen franchise to replace the Twilight Saga? Will it be as successful as the Harry Potter movies? Its sure as hell on the right track to be, and in our opinion its on its way to being a better franchise as well! The big difference with The Hunger Games is that it is full of incredible actors, and it certainly helps when your lead is an Oscar winner and one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Not only that, but the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson & Donald Sutherland all brings a sense of reality and the feel of a grown up picture which makes it stand out. Mockingjay Part 1 is a surprise treat in the sense that it’s not your typical teen movie; the film is full of political warfare and emotional distress which brings out the very best of the actors in hand and shows off their calibre of acting.

Part 1 starts not long after Catching Fire ends as we are introduced to the to survivors of 13 and a group of rebels looking to overthrow the Capital. Clearly built around the idea that there was going to be a part 2, Mockingjay’s weakness does seem to surround its inevitable ‘to be continued’ credit, but other than that, itmanages to tell a structured, often untouched story,focusing on the building of the rebellion, the strength ofpropogander within war and the toll it has on thoseinvolved with regime change! Don’t get me wrong, its nottrue to life in the slightest, but its inclusion of these issuesadds to the experience of the story rather than takes awayfrom it!

Ultimately, the majority of the audience who will be watching The Hunger Games will be of the teen audience and fans of the books. Part 1 will probably be their least favourite of the franchise so far, but they will have this part to thank in the end. Mockingjay Part 1 completely opens up the last part of the franchise to be a scorcher of an ending to the saga, which has got us all excited to see how it all pans out. Part 1 has successfully got all the relevant information over to the audience, but even though it lacks on  the action front, Mockingjay is still a brilliant film. 

There is however two sides of every coin and there are definitely some things here that not everyone is going to like. Although focusing on the story and character development, this does sometimes leave you hankering for some action! It also felt that some scenes didn’t give much to the story at all, one entire scene is dedicated to the rebel group listening to birds and you could just feel the producers regretting their choice of Liam Hemsworth every second of the scene! These traits however are guilty of the typical teen franchise and if you have the patience to overlook these then I’m fairly certain you may enjoy the film!

Overall, Mockingjay part 1 manages to bridge the gap between an action packed second film and what is presumably going to be an action packed fourth film. Whether they decide to focus on an all out battle between the rebellion and the Capital is yet to be seen, but part 1 successfully bridges the gap and gives the audience just enough to provide background and meaning to characters that before this had not a lot going on other than deciding which one can run through the jungle quick enough! Hunger Games 4 out of 5 stars!

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