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The Drop Review

Tom Hardy is a hard-working man at the moment; since his worldwide breakthrough in Inception back in 2010, he will of starred in 15 feature films when 2015 comes to a close; and in nearly every single one of them, barring This Means War, his performances are absolutely brilliant. In every single film he completely re-visions himself to a new character whether it’s putting on the pounds to be Bane in the Dark Knight Rises, or wearing a terrible wig in Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy, or even to being a bartender in his new film The Drop, he always delivers.

Set in America, Tom Hardy plays Bob Saginowski who runs a bar alongside James Gandolfini’s character Cousin Marv, which they operate as a ‘drop’ for criminals to drop their laundered money for it to be looked after until it is ready to be picked up. Subsequently, the bar is then robbed by masked men who take five thousand dollars which belongs to the Chechens who own the bar. Throughout the film, both Gandolfini & Hardy are followed by criminals who own the streets and demand that they get their money back. Whether they are threatened by receiving a bag full of money covered in blood with an arm inside, or its simply being followed.

James Gandolfini delivers a great performance in last his feature film, which is great to see. But Tom Hardy pulls the strings in the film; his charisma In front of the camera turns heads and proves once again that he is by far one of the best actors around right now. Very well directed by Michael R.Roskam, The Drop is a very easy-going flick which entertains on all fronts, whether it be old-school gangster hits, or Tom Hardy walking his dog through the streets of Brooklyn, this film will appeal to all ages and gender. 4 out of 5 stars.

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